The science that’s never been cited

  • Many scientists harbour false impressions about uncited research - both its extent and its impact on scholarship.
  • the database doesn't track many regional-language journals that, if taken into consideration, would narrow the gap
  • rates of uncitedness are falling because scientists ublish a larger volume of papers and stuff more references into their articles....I would not tend to interpret these figures as reassurance that more of our scientific work is providing a useful purpose.
  • many citations are quite superficial or perfunctory...they could be a sign of academics scratching each other's backs
  • Even highly cited research could be a game that academics play together that serves no one's interest
  • Academics are influenced by many more papers than they actually cite
  • uncited articles are still being read.
  • The goald of the article was to improve public-health practice, not really to move a scientific field
  • other articles might remain uncited because they close off unproductive avenues of research,.... We set out to show the something was not worth doing... I am quite proud of this as a fully uncitable paper